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January 2012 Second mutation (T-DNA tagged) characterised in Brachypodium - bri1.
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October 2011 First European Brachypodium Workshop.

June 2011 First mutation (T-DNA tagged) characterised in Brachypodium - eif4a.
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August 2010 First characterisation of 1,000 T-DNA insertions in the Brachypodium genome published.
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February 2010 Brachypodium genome analysis manuscript published!
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JIC press release

January 2010 SSR-based Brachypodium genetic linkage map published.
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May 2009 Final Brachypodium genome sequence assembly and annotation released.

December 2007 Brachypodium 4x sequence assembly completed.

January 2006 First meeting of the International Brachypodium Initiative (IBI) at PAG XIV conference in San Diego, California.

Genome browser >>>
Browse the v1.0 genome assembly and the v1.0 gene predictions from JGI/MIPS. Also displays JIC FST data (T-DNA lines) and alignments of ESTs from wheat, barley and Brachypodium.
BLAST server >>>
BLAST your sequences against the Brachypodium sequence assembly and the predicted proteome.
Download sequence >>>
Download sequence from the brachy assembly (limited to 50kb regions).
[download complete assembly file as FASTA]
Download sequence and additional data from the v1.0 annotated assembly.
[download v1.0 protein-coding sequences as FASTA]
[download v1.0 translated coding sequences as FASTA]
[download v1.0 gene sequences as FASTA]
[download COS markers]
PLEASE NOTE: The published genome analysis is based on the v1.0 annotation. The v1.2 annotation can be downloaded from MIPS.
Brachypodium physical map >>>
Brachypodium physical map data displayed using SyMAP.
[view in genome browser]
Comparative maps >>>
Brachypodium genetic and physical maps aligned to rice and wheat.
Comparison with rice and Sorghum chromosomes >>>
Dotplots of the Brachypodium assembly aligned to rice and Sorghum chromosomes.
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The International Brachypodium Initiative (IBI) community portal
Latest research updates and links to other brachypodium resources.
Collection of Brachypodium distachyon T-DNA mutant lines (genotype Bd21).
USDA Brachypodium Genome Resources Project
Brachypodium resource page of the Genomics and Gene Discovery Research Unit at the USDA-ARS Western Regional Research Center in Albany, CA, USA.
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